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Freedom to choose. Chance to make a difference.

Created by consultants. For consultants

Our everyday heroes!

Three reasons to become one of us

  • Transparency and fairness

    With us, you get paid for accomplished effort. You get a permanent employment with a commission-based salary and an individual project buffer. In our salary system, there is also a performance ladder. You thus influence your salary development yourself. Simple, fair and transparent.

  • Professionalism and personality

    We have the best of both worlds. The warmth and personality of the small company, combined with the large company’s resources and professionalism. On the m4, you will never be one in the crowd. Instead, you are involved in building our common future.

  • Control and flexibility

    We offer a challenging everyday life with assignments from interesting customers. Then you have the opportunity to choose between different assignments, as well as when and how you want to work. Your salary is based on your performance, and you get the best terms of employment on the market.

Here you will find us!