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We created m4 because we were tired of what the consulting industry looked like!

Disengaged management and owners who did not listen to the employees, where short-term gains were more important than long-term development and a willingness to govern and tell, instead of listening and understanding.

An image based on many years of personal experience of having worked as consultants at several consulting companies in various product development projects with customers all over the world.

In roles that developed our customers and ourselves, gave birth to the idea that the interaction between consultant, customer and consulting company could be further developed.

A new type of consulting company became where the development and well-being of consultants goes hand in hand with the concern for customers. We look beyond the hourly rate, short-term profits and do our utmost to make a real difference to our customers and colleagues.

-We want to become Sweden's indisputably best employer for handpicked consultants.- Do you want to know more, or become part of m4?

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Our everyday heroes!

Why work with us?

None of our employees are the same. That's why we listen to each employee's unique situation and wishes and design a package that suits you! This makes us unique and gives you the opportunity to make us "Sweden's indisputably best employer for handpicked consultants". We give you the chance to take control of your own career and development and you get the chance to make a real difference for you and our customers.

  • ✔️ Development and career

    On m4 we want everyone to have the chance to develop and become their "best self". We believe that you (with the support of us) are best placed to decide how you want to develop in different professional roles or areas of expertise. In addition, our m4 model allows you to choose both customers and assignments. It is incredibly important to us that every consultant works with and in projects that they themselves find challenging, developing and interesting.

  • 💰 Salary and benefits

    With us you will be paid for all the hard work you put in. You will receive permanent employment commission-based salary and an individual project buffer. In our payroll system there is also a performance ladder. So you have an impact on your salary development yourself. Simple, fair and transparent. Of course, we help you shape the optimum mix of salary and other benefits that best suits you.

  • 💼 Assignments and customers

    At m4 we have a large network of customers and partners, which gives us a unique opportunity to find the right assignment just for you. As a slightly smaller technology consulting company, we often get the slightly more qualified and demanding assignments, which our larger competitors cannot fill. This often means highly interesting projects and stimulating tasks, something that usually appeals to our sharp m4 consultants.

  • ✈️ M4 Community

    When you as a consultant are out on assignment, you work together with your colleagues at the customers. At the same time, we make sure that you always feel as a big part of our m4 team and that you have a natural place in our community. We meet as often as possible for larger activities with for example team building, training or travel. We usually decide what we want to do together and then we all make it happened. Monthly lunches are also held at the locations in the country where we have stationed consultants. On these occasions, you and your m4 colleagues can discuss everything between heaven and earth, in relaxed forms.

  • 🧀 Transparency and fair terms

    At m4, we treat our consultants with respect and transparency and hope to get the same back. You should want to work on m4 because you think we are a really good employer, preferably the best. We strive to have the best conditions in the industry and have collective agreements for all our employees.

  • ☀️ Vacation

    With us, we adapt the work-life balance depending on where you are in life. Maybe it's time for that long vacation after a couple of hectic years with a lot of work. With us you are involved and decide when and how much you are free.

  • ❤️ Personal and committed managment

    On m4, you are always a big part of our company. We may no longer be the smallest in the business, but we never intend to get really big. The size of the company, a dedicated management team and passionate owners mean that support, feedback or answers to questions are never longer than a phone call away. On m4 we want a close and open dialogue. That's how our community is built.

  • 🏢 Local Anchorage

    We have offices in Malmö, Halmstad, Gothenburg and Stockholm, which means that we are never far away from our employees or customers. For a coffee or a developing conversation.


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Three reasons to become one of us

Transparency and fairness
With us, you get paid for accomplished effort. You get a permanent employment with a commission-based salary and an individual project buffer. In our salary system, there is also a performance ladder. You thus influence your salary development yourself. Simple, fair and transparent.
Professionalism and personality
We have the best of both worlds. The warmth and personality of the small company, combined with the large company’s resources and professionalism. On the m4, you will never be one in the crowd. Instead, you are involved in building our common future.
Control and flexibility
We offer a challenging everyday life with assignments from interesting customers. Then you have the opportunity to choose between different assignments, as well as when and how you want to work. Your salary is based on your performance, and you get the best terms of employment on the market.

Here you will find us!

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Bror Nilssons gata 5
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Skeppsbron 2
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